Doctors today: Young, broke and human

The next time a young doctor walks into the room, give her the benefit of the doubt. Read more via Doctors today: Young, broke and human.


5 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Doctors

“Oh, you’re my doctor? A woman?”

Who do you picture walking through the exam room door at your new doctor’s office? Is it the Norman Rockwell depiction of an older, jolly looking male with white hair? After residency I was alarmed at how many patients commented on my age and gender:

“, how old are you, 12?” or, “Oh, you’re my doctor? A woman?”

I know that I lived under a rock during my medical training but… READ MORE

via 5 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Doctors.

Beach Body Fitness

Are You Beach Body Ready?

Summer is almost here and in some parts of the country we are lucky to already be outdoors in beach-style attire! It’s never too late for a beach body. Today, I and my friend/personal trainer, Brittany Downs with Myercise Fitness, bring you the first post of a series to help you get started on your beach body… read more at Beach Body Fitness.

Skinny Fat: When Looks Can Kill


No, I’m not talking about the pop culture oxymoron that describes thin yet flabby physiques. I’m talking about something more serious. Which brings me to my next point: SKINNY DOES NOT MEAN HEALTHY!


While some people may look deceivingly well in clothes, there may be something even more dangerous going on underneath the skin.

Why You Can be Skinny but also Fat

There is actually a scientific word for skinny-fat

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